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What is Vylayt?

Vylayt (derived from the word violate) is a casual & lifestyle clothing brand based out of New York. The brand was created by Jay who was born and raised in Harlem who had a dream to run a clothing company that embodies the New York culture; as well as his upbringings and mindset towards life. "Violate" is a common word Jay uses when attacking a goal. Anything you do in life should have a purpose and should be done with everything you have to offer. You have to violate anything you put your heart into to get the best results out of yourself. So the brand Vylayt is a representation of those viewpoints. Go hard at the things you want to achieve in life and if that effort if given there is no such things as failure. Along with the brand promoting hard work and self push, it also encompasses New York slang and fun lighthearted phrases that everyone can enjoy and can rock anywhere while feeling comfortable. Overall, we hope that the Vylayt brand encourages and inspires you to be a better version of yourself and to give your 100% at any goal you have set for yourself to achieve - violate what you do.

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